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Life has a funny way of showing up when we need to be brought back into line. 
From starting out in life, pushing boundaries, and sometimes getting away with things. Then running back to our comfort zones to piece the chink back into our armour and build confidence within a safe environment under the watchful eye of the ones who love us. They are the ones who are probably the first to say I told you so while directing us in the right direction on this so-called journey of life. 

 Who's your supporter and safety net? 

I still hear my mum saying, “well, I’m not picking up your pieces when you fall,” and “you’re getting too big for your boots”. She was always there to catch me before falling and buy more giant boots when she thought I needed them. She was my biggest supporter and safety net. 
When we become adults and take on the responsibilities that come with starting out in our professional life, there is one person who stands out and takes on the role of being your working life leveller. The person who sees your potential when they may have to keep you in check, so you don’t fall. These people are the ones who, no matter how old you get or wherever you are, think of them when life has found you to level again. 
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I have had many times over my career where my life leveller has appeared to make me the person I am today, and I thought I would share the funniest one with you. 

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Annette, aged seventeen with a voice, is confident and has the biggest drive to be effective in making a difference. I still hold a profound respect for working under the supervision and mentoring of people who supported me at this time. I jumped at every opportunity to fill in for the senior members of our team and recall a day standing in for a colleague while attending a housing clinic. I walked into a corridor with tenants waiting to talk to a representative. They looked at me; some smiled while some just stared. As I walked to unlock the office door, a voice behind me called out, “you’re not old enough to be the council". I quickly informed them that I was their housing council representative, and whether they came to see me was their choice. 
I remember feeling confident, tall, and proud of using my voice. I then found myself out of my depth when confronted in my first consultation with a frail old lady (who could barely see over the desk). She informed me that since the new tenants had moved above her, she had heard far more than she should have (I can’t tell her exact words here). The look on her face as she demanded what was I personally going to do about it. I was so pleased to see the return of a senior colleague and never again thought his housing clinics were an afternoon jolly. I realised life levellers and how I would deal with them started that day! 
Who is the person who stands out in your career journey  
and who supported you most with life levellers?  
If you can, contact them and say hi and then let me know  
how it made you feel by dropping me a text or contacting 
me on social media or the website. 
I would love to hear your stories. 
Best wishes 
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