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Values are the bedrock of behaviour. They define what is most important to you from the framework used for making decisions and are the driving force behind work and passion. 

Values can change as we grow and navigate through life. 

Values and morals can guide, inspire and motivate, give energy and a zest for living and doing something meaningful. 
Personal values are unique to you, and whether you understand them or not, they play a massive part in telling you if life is turning out the way you want it to and acting in life's direction. 
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When your values are aligned, you feel happy, content, satisfied and in harmony. 

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When your values are not aligned, life can feel stuck and unsure of the direction you want to go, which can be a natural source of unhappiness. This can be accepting a promotion, changing career path or working a 60-hour week and feeling that you do not have enough time for family. 
For several years I didn't check in with my values as I worked in a fast-paced environment, and honestly, I needed to understand them as I do now. My values changed as I grew and changed as an individual and valued different aspects of life. 
Learning more about my values helped to guide me and decide what I thought of as right, wrong, good, or unjust. 
Have you checked if your values are in date? 
Warmest Wishes 
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