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Let's go - Meetings booked, presentation prep to do, customer requests to action, attending meetings, team reviews, carrying action points over from our previous day/week, taking on another project, onboarding new customers and employees, finalising contracts, leading tenders, taking calls, managing technology etc. 

Are your daily tasks leaving you feeling overwhelmed? 

The impact of feeling overwhelmed can lead to forgetfulness, slowness, difficulty concentrating, confusion, a racing mind, and impairing our ability to problem-solve. 
Too many demands on our thinking can lead to fatigue, making us more prone to distractions and feeling more overwhelmed, making us less effective. 
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Let's look at your list. 
What are you holding on to within your control that you could empower someone else to carry out? Do you fear failing with issues and your business, or you won't recover? If you release control, may you not be required? 
With limiting beliefs, we can become stuck in old patterns that significantly contribute to a sense of overwhelm. 
When we learn to understand our feeling of overwhelm and take actions to support ourselves is when we can find the answers, we need to complete tasks and, over time, reduce our sense of overwhelm. 
Some actions to support are, 
1) Take time to walk/ exercise. 
2) Ask for any help that you feel you need. 
3) Know when good is enough. 
4) Challenge your perfectionism. 
5) Look at what is in your control and what isn't. 
6) Delegate. 
7) Make time for yourself
You are Enough! 
If my blog resonates with you and you want to know how personal development coaching can help, then "It’s Time to Talk" my contact details are listed at the bottom of this page. 
Warmest wishes 
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