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Ask yourself this question and answer it with honesty. 
I find the first thing I think of with a question like this is the one that has had the most effect on me. 

Within your career, this could be one of the following 

You’ve made a mistake; you don’t know how to tell your boss because your relationship is frail, or even toxic. 
You put yourself forward for a new challenge only to find there is no support or mentoring to support you 
Your boss fails to take your call after numerous attempts when you need to speak to them with urgency 
You take on a promotion and find you are overwhelmed with what is expected from you. 
You transition from one career to another after 22 years plus. It is not only you in transition but your whole family moving on again into the unknown. 
Your work-life balance is non-existent and has a negative impact on your values. You feel overwhelmed and work-related stress starts to develop, like a train coming down a track at 100 miles an hour. 
You must rely on support only to find you have been let down, and then you let yourself down because you have worked well into a sixty-hour week and failed to check a presentation before an important meeting the next day. 
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When I said the first thing I think of when I asked myself this question was the first.  Well in this case it was the last on the above list. 

Whilst working in a role I received a late presentation for a meeting taking place the next day. Due to work pressure and fatigue, I didn’t check the information in the pack, which turned out to be incorrect. 
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Restore your work / life balance 

We have all heard the saying failing to plan, plan to fail. 

However, for me, this day was the start of total overwhelm every time I had to present in front of a group of people.  
I tried being honest, which left me feeling that my calls for help not only got ignored but exploited, and I became almost frozen and sick with fear. 
Finding coaching to support me with this was the start of finding Road to Success Coaching for you!  
My vision is to supply confidential coaching for everyone as and when they need it. 
If I was talking to Annette Clay in her twenties I would have highly recommended that she got herself a coach. 
If I can help you in any way, then please feel free to contact me. 
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