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We are all on a spectrum of mental health which includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and we are all able to deal with issues differently depending on our frame of mind from being healthy, coping, struggling to unwell. 

During the pandemic, more than half of adults and over two-thirds of children said their mental health had declined. 

Samaritan stats 2021 state that males between the age of 50 -54 were found to have the highest suicide rate at 22.5 per 100,000. 
For every suicide, one hundred and thirty-five people are affected, and no cost can be associated with the impact that losing someone has on families. 
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Our founder at RTSC knows the impact of mental health decline after suffering from this herself in 2017 so it has become a passion within her business to eliminate mental health decline at the earliest opportunity. 
At RTSC, we have spent the summer of 2022 researching and developing what we wanted our mental health training programme to cover to support mental well-being within the workplace. We came up with a clear strategy to cover the following, 
1. To facilitate a participant to self-help within our 3.5 hours programme. 
2. To be more interactive and less PowerPoint driven. 
3. To allow a participant to leave job titles at the training room door and be in a safe and confidential space. 
4. To empower individuals to create an action plan 
5. To supply a follow-on wrap-around service for companies continuing success around mental well-being. 
If you want to know more about how the RTSC training programme can support your company's mental well-being policy, please contact info@roadtosuccesscoaching.co.uk or telephone 01623 230 317
"It's Time To Talk" 
Best wishes 
Team RTSC 
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