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Sitting in my office, Bryan Adams playing softly in the background, I'm reflecting on the crossroads of my life. 
It's a Monday in November, and I'm pondering where to begin this story. Should I start with my journey in the automotive industry? Or perhaps my time as a military spouse, learning to keep my identity within the military world? There's also the tale of a 14-year-old who chose to teach swimming. Yes, let's start there. 
Teaching at 14 
At just 14, faced with training as a swimming teacher, my belief was simple: "Everyone needs to learn to swim." Little did I know that decision ignited a lifelong passion for guiding others through challenges despite my hurdles as a young teacher. 
A Shift in Identity Amidst Change 
My career in public housing was the beginning of a journey marked by unexpected turns. Joining my husband, Scott, at his military base in Germany was eye-opening. Being a military spouse taught me to cling fiercely to my own identity amidst a world where I was often known by association, not for who I indeed was. 

  The Lioness Within 

With the arrival of our three children, a new chapter of learning began. Parenthood taught me the art of juggling responsibilities, leading like a lioness, and being an attentive listener. There's an indescribable joy in witnessing your child have that 'aha' moment or grow into themselves more each day. 
Navigating the Twists in Career 
The journey back to Mansfield Woodhouse, balancing an automotive career with home life while Scott was still serving, was both rewarding and challenging. The hours were long but blended with the love for a fast-paced, supportive client environment and a passion for building professional client relationships; I was promoted to the sales team in 2005. But then came a pivotal moment - managing a mostly dormant portfolio. It was sink or swim. I chose to swim, rebuilding that portfolio beyond expectations by 2010. 
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Triumph in Adversity's Embrace 

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Life never stands still. I was taking on more professional challenges intertwined with personal adventures when we built our family business at South Carr Farm, an idyllic setting with surprises. However, life took an unexpected turn in 2017, leading me to step back for a while. With support and counseling, I returned to the automotive world two years later, but something within me had changed. 
Road to Success Coaching 
That return marked a turning point. I found myself pondering deeply on success and supporting others in their journeys. My thoughts had moved to mental health and personal development. With the desire to help others find their potential in their personal and professional life, this founded Road to Success Coaching. A new chapter had begun. 
Sailing Through Life's Storms 
Change, both beautiful and heartbreaking, has been my constant companion. Losing my parents in 2016 and 2021 shook me to my core. Yet, in those depths of grief, I discovered strength I never knew I had, sculpted by the art of resilience. 
Making a Difference 
My unwavering commitment to effecting positive change and supporting people like you remains steadfast throughout this journey. If any part of my story resonates with you, I'm here. Let's navigate the roads to success together. 
Best wishes 
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