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So why do you do it? 
You do it because you want to make a difference and trust me you are doing a great job! 
Being in the Police Force can mean that you have a split life experience. You have to be the professional whilst at work, but then let’s not forget that you are also probably someone’s wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son, auntie or uncle – and you are 100% human. 

A day in the life of a police officer 

Whilst on shift as a police officer you could experience a host of emotions and the adrenaline rushing through your body.  
You may have laughed, shared a joke, or felt your eyes fill with tears after having to deal with a situation that most people only see in films or read in books.  
Understanding your day could see you support someone suffering from mental ill-health, reuniting a lost child with their parents and witnessing the relief in their eyes, or attending a road traffic accident. Every day is different. It’s why you love the job. 
When you are working, it is likely you will have to hold a whole different demeanour than you do in other areas of your life. There is a certain expectancy placed upon you by those around you with regard to how you act, react and feel.  
You mentally prepare yourself before each shift before stepping into the station to what may face today. You leave “you” behind and become “officer you”. 
And then there are the career hopes, progressions and opportunities. Where is your career taking you? What are your goals, and what are you working towards? 
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Returning home from a shift as a police officer 

It’s almost become expected that you will arrive home late from your shift. You may have to sneak home and take a shower in the small hours, hoping not to wake anyone else in the house. Feeling the need to walk your day through in your own mind before you face those you love the most is common. This is the part of you that is 100% human and 100% you. The way that you process your day and become ‘you’ again, leaving all that happens on shift behind and picking up your role in the home. 
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Balancing your work and personal life as a police officer with coaching 

You may not have considered coaching before, but it can help you achieve a quality work/life balance. 
Coaching can support you with any overwhelm that you may be feeling and help you build resilience. You can explore how you split your work and personal life and discover what you have been putting off and the reasons why.  
I can facilitate you in reaching life goals that are currently stuck in your mind. Personal development is an important part of becoming whoever or whatever you want to be. 
When it comes to your career, you can be at the helm and be the driving force of your own career path. With career coaching, you can work towards transitioning internally or externally. 
To create that perfect work/life balance that you desire, all you need to do is reach out to me with an open mind. Our sessions will hold you accountable for your actions and help you explore all you need for greater success. 
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