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You may have dreamed of joining the Armed Forces family from a young age, been inspired by a family member or researched your dream career. 
The Armed Forces may have found you with guidance to keep your development on track before or when leaving school. Whichever route you are now a proud serving member of Her Majesty Forces. 

 You’re in the Armed Forces now. 

Your day has finally arrived, and you are marching from basic training, watched by proud family members who have witnessed your first stage of transition from civilian life to military life. 
You travel to different parts of the world and learn about other cultures. The transition to military life continues with the guidance of senior personnel who become family and the comradeship of being in a secure place with team members who your life can depend on to keep you safe. 
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You have now married and may have a family. 

When you talk about what life would be like for a spouse joining your forces family, nothing prepares you for the reality of running your civilian unit within a military life. When you are deployed, seeing the fear in your family’s eyes as you tell them everything will be OK. The memories you keep to yourself and the nightmares you cannot keep locked deep within you. 
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You move within the ranks of your chosen force, and commitment is more intense now than ever. 

Your military career is solid, while your spouse may have to sacrifice their career to support you. Twenty-two years seems like an eternity; after all, your support comes from the forces bubble. 

The day arrives, and you have completed your service. 

Courses, talks and information on what life outside military life will be like are now a reality. You may be fully prepared, and you may not be. The security of a way of life just left you as you pulled into the drive of your new home. The excitement of family and friends waiting to greet you, pat you on the back and tell you how proud of you they are doesn’t stop the flow of tears as you sit alone, already missing the world you left behind. 
You are out of the Forces now. How does your skill set fit into a second career? How does your relationship now sit within your family? After all, your spouse has been at the helm of family life for so long. What do you want to do for a second career? What is stopping you achieve your next step of transitioning from military life? Are you OK? 
If this is you, you will find my contact details below.  
My coaching style is to ensure you have a confidential space to find your true potential  
at any point within your military career or transition you and your family back into civilian life. 
Best wishes 
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